Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics

Bolden Instrument provides high quality microscopes and top notch service to all three Noah’s Ark Animal Clinic Greater Cincinnati locations!

About Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics:

“Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics now boast three full-service, state-of-the-art clinics, caring for over 45,000 dogs and cats in Greater Cincinnati each year. From laser-assisted surgery, ultrasound, digital x-ray, to a full in-network lab for quick results – we have everything needed to care for your pet.

And, you never need an appointment to see a veterinarian at Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics. You’ll get the great care your pet needs, and you expect, today if you choose. Although we do schedule surgeries, dental cleanings, boarding and grooming.

You can trust Noah’s Ark to treat your pet just as we would our own. Give us a try, and we think you will instantly see a difference in the attitude and approach to your pet’s health.”

To learn more about Noah’s Ark Animal Clinics services and locations, please visit their website.