dad-workingBolden Instrument began in 1998 on the firm foundation forged by Dillenburger Microscope Service. We are here to provide our customers with convenient and reliable solutions for their microscopy needs. Owned and operated by Douglas Bolden, we have a principled microscope service history dating back to Thuerig-Dillenburger Microscope Service in 1962. We specialize in sales and service of microscopes and accessories. Each year we service hundreds of microscopes in the Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana region. We provide sales and service for some of the largest companies in America, in addition to many local physicians, veterinarians, laboratories, engineers, researchers, schools and colleges.

Our objective is to take care of the microscopy needs for everyone in the Greater Cincinnati area who require our services and support. We go out of our way to provide affordable microscope solutions for the classrooms in our community. We also value the needs of our individual clients and will assist in every possible way. Home school parents, hobbyists, collectors, and of course, newcomers are always welcome.